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We are Tunisia - “Ahna Tounes”

“As a nation we inherited

Forearms like brickwork towers.

Holding aloft our proud flag flying,

We proud of it, and it proud of us,”

Quote from the Tunisia national anthem « Humat Al-Hima » (Defenders of the homeland)


Our country, Tunisia, is currently wri1ng the most fascina1ng pages of its history.

Tunisia always succeeded in bouncing back and proudly rising against all odds to the rank of nations. Like a reed, Tunisia bends but never breaks; a model of resiliency and courage.

Tunisia is certainly a small country, but the determina1on of its people to shape its own destiny is immense. It takes its inspira1on from the well esteemed national poet, Abou Kacem Chebbi, who evoked the “will to live.”

The richness of Tunisia are its men and women with brave heart; its citizens shaping their everyday lives; its youth and elderly united and different. From its palaces to humble houses,  its doors are always open for foreigners. From north to south and from east to west, the warm welcome comes with a sparkling glance and a smile.

Tunisia needed a flag as big as the hearts of Tunisians, the biggest flag to cover with its colors all citizens who love and protect it: Red is for their passion, white is for their peaceful spirit, under their sparkling lucky star and the crescent that enlightens their path.

This flag is not only a Guinness record, as the accomplishment will quickly vanish; it is above all a symbol of na1onal unity and rallying around republican and democratic values: pride in the achievement, solidarity in the society and friendship of na1ons!

It is a gift from Tunisia to the world, a sign of universal love!

Presentation for the largest flag in the world

On May 2nd, 2015, Tunisia will display the largest flag in the world. With 396 m length, 264 m large, the overall surface will repressent 104 544 m2 (19.36 football fields). This feat will be registered on Guinness Record Book.

The flag represents a national pride and is the flagship of the Tunisian textile industry since all of its components including yarn, dying, weaving, cueng, sewing and assembly process are 100% made in Tunisia, in Kairouan to be more precise.

This Event is named “Ahna Tounes” – We are Tunisia – and will be led by the ministry of Tunisian Ministry of Tourism in partnership with the National Office of Tunisian Tourism as well as the Tunisian Federation of Travel Agencies.

The event will be supported and coproduced by the Chamber of Oasis and Sahara Tourism Development; which will facilitate event taking place in the Djerid region, exactly in Mos Espa/Ong Jmel Nefta, near Tozeur.

Technical aspects of the largest flag in the world

100% Made in Tunisia

Dimensions: Length 396m, width 264m

Distance: 80Km of compiled fabric strips

Transport: 5 trailers to place the flag

Installation: a team of 100 people will work on laying the flag 24hours/day for 15 days

Location: Mos Espa – Ong Jmel/Nefta, Tozeur governorate; it is unique for its preserved Star Wars décor and recently restored by the association CDTOS:

Public par1cipation: 4000 to 5000 people will surround the flag

Sustainable development: The fabric will be recycled and reused to make sheets and blankets that will be distributed to boarding schools in opportunity deprived regions of Tunisia and associa1ons supporting economically challenged families in Tunisia and the Maghreb.

“A7na Tounes:” a Guinness record celebrated during a free concert on May 2nd, 2015

Many artists and musician groups rose to the call of celebrating the Guinness world record for the largest flag in the world and will be part of the event celebrations.

From music stars to young singers, everyone will contribute through their art in expressing their love for their country and offer their fellow countrymen a memorable event.

The national anthem as well as Tunisian songs will be joyfully sung in the Tunisian desert during a concert for renewal, unity, sharing and solidarity, values dear to Tunisia.

  • Initiator and producer of the event: A textile tunisian company, Mr. Souhaib Hadded, head of communica1on and marketing
  • Co producer of the event: Associa1on CDTOS, Mr. Karim Cheraït, vice president
  • Partners, Ministry of Tourism, Mrs. Salma Elloumi Rekik, ONTT, FTAV, Mr. Mohamed
  • Communication agency: Havas agency, Mrs. Myriam Bahri Hachicha
  • Press office: Hapax agency, Mrs. Raya Ben Guiza Verniers and Mr. Gerald Verniers


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